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Within two weeks of being saved by The Lord as mentioned on my intro page on this website, Sept. 2, 2012, He led me specifically to two books with which to begin my journey of discovery of the miracle of deliverance.  One was the Spiritual Warfare Bible and the other was Don’s book, When Pigs Move In.  What is great about the Spiritual Warfare bible to me is that every other page or so contains commentary from one of God’s warriors that will feed your hunger for knowledge of spiritual warfare.

In this special bible I was led to commentary by Don Dickerman which motivated me to buy his book.  What is great about Don’s book is pure honesty and clarity about how deliverance actually works from 25 years of practice in the field of deliverance ministry.  It is the best book, I believe, available on the topic of deliverance for such a time as this.  I read Don’s book and then soon thereafter visited his ministry where I was led through a healing deliverance process.  If you want a simple and straightforward teaching about deliverance from someone anointed to carry out His work in this area, Don’s your man.

I highly recommend them and you can find them on Don’s website at the following links.

Spiritual Warfare Bible

When Pigs Move In

Keep The Pigs Out

I also recommend that you read what Don Dickerman has posted on his website.



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