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If you are here and you are desperate…and truly repentant and reaching out for the Lord’s healing….skip to STEP 9 to watch the video there and say those prayers to cancel permissions and the rights the demons have to you or print the prayers if you prefer to read them.  Then go to STEP 11 and watch that video and say the deliverance prayers on that video.  The Lord wants you free.  This may get the heat off…..and then you can come back and do all the steps.  If you are not desperate…please take the time to do all the steps.


This page is for those of you who were guided here looking for deliverance and who cannot find a local deliverance minister to assist you.  Personally I believe that a deliverance session with a real live minister is best but sometimes there is no time for that or there is no one available and you can’t put the Holy Spirit in a box and so if you are here by His hand then I pray for your speedy deliverance now.

I am going to lay out my basic understanding of this gift from the Lord as a video guide for self deliverance and video prayer guide.  Holy Spirit, I ask that You please guide me in the creation of all content and that You be with the candidate at all times as they are going through these videos wanting to be free from bondage.

The Lord recently gave me a word that my job would be to assist the Holy Spirit to release warriors for the Lord who are presently being held captive by the enemy because they don’t know they are demonically oppressed and they don’t know there is a ready and easy solution to set them free.  This is something any Christian can do because the Lord Jesus Christ gave us His authority to do so in His Name.

Deliverance from demonic bondage will release warriors to serve the Lord and press on to do what is necessary to bring in the Kingdom.  At some point in the near future I will have a website called which will further provide necessary resources to reach the masses for much needed deliverance.

1- 2 min-Video intro of author – 60 years of darkness

2- 12 min-Video message from author – get madbefore you find yourself desperate.  If you are already desperate at this time I believe that state of mind surpasses the ‘mad’ state and you should move forward to deliverance.  Surrender yourself completely to the Lord and ask Him to come into your life and take the wheel.  Give up control to Him and ask Him to heal you and to deliver you now.

3- 4 min-Video clip showing Peter Finch getting mad in the movie “Network” which came out in 1976.  The Lord showed me He was mad at the churches for not bringing the gift of deliverance to the children, His children as He commanded.   This must happen now.

4- 22 minDon Dickerman’s video explaining demons and how we bring them to court to cancel permissions.  The deliverance prayer he refers to at the end is going to be done below in a separate video.  Don’s style is comforting and anointed.  If you want to see and participate in Don’s prayer for deliverance now go to the Videos tab on this website and catch part 2 on that page.

5- 12 min-Video lesson “Ping Pong Demonology part 1″ – this is a basic illustration about the impact of demonic influence toward making normal temptation compelling and almost impossible to resist.

6- 9 min – Video lesson “Ping Pong Demonology part 2″ – canceling permissions and casting demons out.

7- 22 minMUST WATCH what to expect Video letter for deliverance candidate – summary of the deliverance process and what to expect.  If you prefer to just read it by itself or want to read it along with the video then click this pdf file and it will open in a separate browser page.

8- Video instructions on filling out the due diligence pre-deliverance form.

The above information and videos are the author’s approach, following the lead of the Holy Spirit, toward education and preparation for your self deliverance.   The following videos will assist you with your actual deliverance process and represent the same process and actual prayers used by deliverance ministers with the author.

9- Video prayer guide – Getting serious now cancelling permissions prayers and breaking legal rights prayers.  Here is the printed version.

10- Video prayer guide- cancelling permissions prayer as we follow the completed due diligence pre-deliverance form.

11- Video prayer guide- DELIVERANCE PRAYERS – Have you done the above steps?  If so, you are ready to cut loose some demons.  If you have not done the steps and also are NOT desperate….please go back and do the steps.  It’s important to cancel the permissions the demons have to stay or they can choose to stay as they have legal rights to you.  HOWEVER…..If you are here and you are desperate and you don’t have time to do all the steps above because you NEED to have some relief NOW….then say the prayers at step 9 above, the cancelling permissions prayers, and then watch the Deliverance Prayer video in this step 11…Jesus wants you free.    That will get the pressure off.   The Holy Spirit can choose to heal a repentant heart any way He wants to.  You can come back and do it and all the steps all over again.  This is not a one time fix.  We are going layer by layer…..sometimes layers at a time and if you have a heavy layer you need to peel NOW….say the prayers on step 9 and say these prayers on this step 11.  God bless you.  Jesus wants you free.


I am not a pastor nor am I a bible scholar.  I am a grateful believer in our Lord Jesus Christ Who has seen fit to set me free by stepping in at a critical point in my life when I wanted to die and breaking the back of the enemy.  That was my first deliverance.  He then led me to other places and other Christians for help in receiving deliverance from demonic oppression.

This is my attempt to bring to others the process I went through over a period of months which released me from bondage in so many areas.  I understand now that deliverance is supposed to be part of our everyday walk with the Lord and to that end I am committed by bringing to light all that He wants me to regarding this topic.

Thank You Jesus.




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