How To Be Delivered

Deliverance Steps
Deliverance Steps
        How to be delivered
  1. Be humble – you must humble yourself
  2. Be honest
  3. Confess your faith in Christ
  4. Confess any known sin by yourself or ancestors (family history)
  5. Repent of all sins (Prov 28:13)
  6. Break with occult curses and secret societies (like free masonry)
  7. Forgive others (ALL others) – God will confess all sins except the unconfessed sin
  8. Expel the demons (breathe them out)
Why some are not delivered (for not meeting the conditions)
  1. Lack of repentance
  2. Lack of desperation (deliverance is for the desperate – passivity)
  3. Wrong motive (James 4:3) (must not be ‘to get off the hook’ but to serve the Lord)
  4. Self-centeredness – desire for attention (self-centeredness an invitation for demons)
  5. Failure to break with occult and objects – (little Buddha and charms need to go)
  6. Failure to sever evil soulish relationships
  7. Under a curse (will not be delivered until curse is broken)
  8. Failure to confess a specific sin – (abortion must be confessed as murder)
  9. Not separated by “water baptism” (if not water baptized don’t qualify for deliverance)
  10. Part of a larger battle requiring corporate action
How to keep your freedom once delivered
  1. Make Jesus your Lord
  2. Wear the garment of praise (the devil dislikes praises to Jesus)
  3. Put on the full armor of God (Eph 16:14-17)
  4. Live by God’s Word (Matt 4:4)
  5. Submit to God and resist the devil
  6. Right fellowship (1John 1:7)
  7. Come under discipline (1Sam 15:23) – when we rebel we get esposed to the spirit of witchcraft
  8. Make Jesus central; Focus on Jesus(when satan is driven out fill it with Jesus)

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