I love Don Dickerman ministries.  I was led by the Lord in a very special way to Don’s books, “When Pigs Move In” and “Keep The Pigs Out”.  These books alone are enough to get you on your way to freedom.  I highly recommend that you buy these books.  I read them both at the first sitting and know God’s truth is in these books by Don.  The people there are fantastic and I visited them for a deliverance session.  I am free.  Don’s ministry was a big part of my delivery and I am forever grateful.

Here is the link to his ministry.  Get the books at least and see where the Lord leads you.


Here are some links to other deliverance ministries.

Deliverance Ministries, Inc. in Oklahoma City, OK

Above and Beyond counseling ministries in Tampa, Florida

Don Dickerman Ministries, in Colleyville, Texas


My deliverance started before my trip to Texas and Don’s ministry.  The Lord delivered me directly on 9-2-12 when He stepped in and broke the back of the enemy which had me in bondage unable to function and totally fearing that my Lord, Jesus Christ, had turned His back on me.  That is just not even possible but the enemy had me in his grip and I believed that lie.

After I read Don’s books I came across someone who actually had videos of the deliverance process.  His youtube channel name is “archangel”.  While watching virtually all of his videos (highly recommended) I discovered that he had visited Don Dickerman Ministries and had received deliverance there.  I found that to be amazing.  It’s such a small world….God’s hand I think.

Shortly thereafter I found someone who actually helped me with deliverance over the telephone using Skype.  It appears the Holy Spirit is not limited to how He can work.  Imagine that…deliverance by Skype.  Archangel helped me and I was rid of some demonic influences.  Then the trip to Texas and some other prayers and church fellowship polished it off.  I find it amazing that the Lord can do deliverance over time, like me, using various people and also in one session which happens to many.  No matter how short or long the process takes, however, you can be sure that He will finish His work


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