Can Christians Have Demons?



Can a Christian Have A Demon?

Hello this is Harold. 

So you think because you are a Christian you cannot have demons?  Well surprise…that’s wrong!

It’s the biggest lie of Satan to the body of Christ.  He’s done a great job.  He’s a liar.  The deception is so great that most believers will not even consider that they may be demonically oppressed.  The truth is Christians can, and often do, have demons not in their spirit but in their soul and flesh working great oppression in their lives.  Think about it….do you know of any Christians who get sick….do you know of any Christians going through a divorce…do you know of any depressed or suicidal Christians?….wake up people…demons are real and Christians can indeed have them.  The good news is that as Christians thre is something we can do about it.   Listen to what three well respected and experienced deliverance ministers have to say about this question “Can Christians have demons?”

First up is Don Dickerman.  Don is an ordained Southern Baptist minister since 1974 who has seen over 25,000 Christians delivered through his ministry.  Here is what Don has to say in his book, “When Pigs Move In”:

“Believers can and most often do have demons spirits living in them.  The myth that “Christians cannot have demons” must be destroyed in order for the body of Christ to be free.  This widely held but false belief has given the evil spirits an advantage and has kept the church in bondage.  Plain and simple, it is spiritual ignorance that allows this bondage to continue.  Ignorance is a strong word, but the Word of God declares, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Prov. 29:18).  “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hosiah 4:6).  Lack of knowledge is ignorance.  And, in this case, it is willing ignorance.

“As Christians, we are possessed by the Holy Spirit who lives in our spirit.  Possession implies ownership.  We are owned, purchased, and bought with a price by the Lord Jesus Christ.  It is correct to say that a demon may possess an area of a Christian’s life but never can they own us (in other words a part of their personality has not been surrendered to the Lord).  A well known pastor in Atlanta, Georgia, refers to this as “demonic control” in particular areas of a believer’s life where legal rights have been surrendered to the enemy.”

“The presence of the Holy Spirit does not prevent evil spirits from dwelling in a believer’s body or soul!  Until a believer can recognize and understand how demonic bondage occurs, he cannot be free.  You can be Spirit-filled; memorize the Word of God; sing in the choir; teach Sunday school; and be a deacon, teacher, or preacher and still have demons.  I deal with this almost daily!  That believers cannot have demons is a dangerous, widely held but false belief.  It is a myth.”  Thank you Don Dickerman.  I highly recommend his book “ When Pigs Move In”.


Next up is Everett Cox who makes a startling statement and wake up call to Christians.  He says:

“The average number of demons cast out of a Christian at a single deliverance session is 36.”

That is a quote directly from Mr. Cox who is the Senior Minister and founder of Deliverance Ministries in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma who has been ministering one on one deliverance and casting out demons from thousands of Christians for over 38 years.  Regarding the belief that Christians cannot have a demon, here is what Mr. Cox says in a personal email to me:

“They are right that Christians cannot be bothered in our spirits. What people don’t think about however is that we have three parts to us…body, soul and spirit. (Thessalonians 5:23). So the demons are in the body and tormenting the soul area. (Mind, will, emotions) We, of course, have come to realize that Christians are the targets. If a Christian does not learn how to recognize the enemy he is very vulnerable. I have been casting demons out of Christians almost every week for 38 years,. It is a little hard to talk me out of it.

Harold, at our Monday evening ministry service that you attended remember I asked how many believers were there. It is rare that not all hands go up. If they are not born again we take them through salvation before ministry.

When I did my 15 minute radio show for 22 years, five days a week I always asked the delivered Christian when were they first born again. The answer always was that they were born again BEFORE their deliverance. People cannot argue with a testimony, especially when they tell how the demons moved in their body and even talked out of their mouths.


Thank you, Everett.

Now Everett Cox has written the most amazing book about, “Doing The Supernatural Works of Jesus”.  In his book he gives us proven steps of deliverance, healing of emotional wounds, physical healing, baptism of the Holy Spirit and how to stay free and healed.  I love Everett’s book.  The Lord led me to it and showed me that it was a significant and important book for all Christians to own.  He revealed to me that it was significant not only for it’s valuable content but also because it is an easy read for the masses with deliverance prayers and methods which are transferrable to anyone.


Deliverance is not like what Hollywood portrays.  Don’t believe it.  Deliverance is the childrens’ bread and should be everyday Christianity.  I believe every Christian family should own this book because it shows you how to protect yourself and your family from demonic spirits who want to kill, steal and destroy you.  More importantly it teaches you how to go on the offensive against the enemy to tell him who is boss and to get lost and that he can’t have your family.  The Lord Jesus Christ told us in Luke 10:19  “I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and to overcome all the power of the enemy, and nothing will harm you”  Thank you, Everett, for your dedication to doing the Lord’s work and for giving us a blueprint about how to start right away claiming and using our authority given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ. You can find out about this book on Everett’s website which is  I highly recommend that you do this as soon as possible.



Next we will end this audio broadcast with words from Mr. Peter Horrobin who is the author of “Healing Through Deliverance – The Foundation and Practice of Deliverance Ministry”.  This book is so well written and on a level much more suited for those who need all the meat and potatoes of deliverance.  The subject is organized and delivered with the precision of a surgeon and convincingly laid out to satisfy the trained palette of pastors, ministers and clergy.  It is an authoritative and biblically based book that should be in the personal library of anyone who is charged with leading a flock of God’s children.   

One day the Lord told me to buy a copy of this book for my Pastor and that “He would thoroughly enjoy reading every page of this book and will consider it the best book he ever read on this topic.”

Later, my Pastor told me that this was true and he then proceeded to write and deliver to his congregation 9 weeks of sermons on the subject of deliverance.  I know of at least one life that was forever changed by these series of sermons and I believe there are more. You can learn more about Mr. Peter Horrobin and buy his book on his website  I believe it will thoroughly unpack for you the theology of healing and deliverance.

Let’s listen in to Mr. Peter Horrobin now as he addresses this question “Can A Christian Have a Demon?”


Thank you for listening. I pray that the Lord Jesus Christ reveals to you the truth which you seek and that you decide to take action to get relief through the ministry of deliverance.  I invite you to listen to our radio station online for more learning on this topic at 

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May God bless and deliver you in Jesus name.

I am Harold.











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