Desperate For Deliverance? Well it’s about time.

Are you desperate for deliverance?  That’s good…not that you are experiencing some really tough times and circumstances but good that the Lord has brought you to this point so that you can finally hear what He is saying to you….good because now you are stripped down to the point where you can fully surrender to Him and now He can help you.  I know this is true because this is what it took for me to finally hear Him and accept His hand of deliverance. 

It’s possible and maybe even probable that your situation involves demonic influence in your life as it did mine.  I was in darkness for 60 years oppressed by the enemy and in bondage until I got to the point where you are now.  So you are in the right place.  Sorry it had to be this way but not sorry that you are very close to being free now.  

I too was brought to my knees before I would stop and listen.  Because of my own hard headedness, NOT His Will to see me suffer, I had to get to this place of painful desperation before my heart was right in my appeal to Him for forgiveness, grace and mercy.  He is full of those things and will give them to you…but you’ve gotta give it up to Him.

Cry out to Him to take over your life.  Surrender control and give Him the reigns.  He really does love you and he really does forgive you NO MATTER what you have done.  There is no sin that the Lord will not forgive when confessed with a true repentant heart.  And then you can be set free from the bondage you are in.

Now, if you are desperate and feel like you need to go to the Father right now without delay for forgiveness and relief from the enemy, watch this cancellation prayers video and say the prayers for removing demonic rights to you because of generational curses or willful sin.  Print it here and read it if you prefer.

Then watch this deliverance prayers video and peel off some demonic layers from your life and get some pressure off.  In other words, once the enemy has been stripped of its rights to you, it’s time now to kick some demon butt….KSDB.  If you are a Christian and love the Lord then you have His authority over the demonic minions of satan who are influencing your life for various reasons.  You can get rid of them because Demons Don’t Rule.

If you are NOT desperate at this time then go here and learn more about the miracle of deliverance and gaining your freedom from bondage.  It is a free gift from the Lord Jesus Christ.  We just have to step up and claim it and take some action using the Holy Spirit Who wants to set us free.  God bless you.  Jesus wants you free.





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