Get Mad As Hell – Don’t Take It Anymore – Get Free!

“I’m mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!”

The Lord is not happy with the churches who have not stepped up to the plate to do what He told us to do and that is to not only preach the gospel but to also break the enemy’s hold on believers by casting out demons and breaking strongholds.  He’s mad as hell and He’s not going to take it any more.  He is going to set free those who will carry the torch for Him who will take the message out that they can be from demonic influence and demons causing bondage in the lives of Christian believers.  He wants his children to get mad and not take it anymore…the bondage to the enemy that can be released through deliverance.  Get mad…before you become desperate and become free from the enemy.

I think Peter Finch says it better in the 1976 movie “Network”



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