WARFARE NIGHT at Freedom Church

Hello, my name is Harold and I’m mad as hell and I not going to take it anymore.

I am NOT going to sit back and let the enemy steal the rest of my life…OR YOURS!!   He already stole the first 60 years of my life……..NO MORE.  I am NOT going to sit back and watch my brothers and sisters who are in bondage continue to be in bondage when I have been CLEARLY shown the cure and the solution which was around me all my life but I didn’t know it.  His name is JESUS CHRIST and he set us free at the cross.  We are delivered!  He wants us to step up and claim our right to be free.  He left us a way to be free of the enemy who is ruling our lives in so many areas.  Hallelujah!

Warfare night is a place where we literally go to war!!  No kidding.

This is a time set aside to do battle against the unseen enemy, demonic forces that have us bound up in chains and that manifest in the form of so many strongholds ruining our lives.  It’s a place where we literally pray against the enemy to loose us from those chains.  Warfare night is a time where we invite the Holy Spirit to come and peel off layers of demonic influences in our lives some of which are passed down to us from previous generations of our families. 

We “sweep” out the enemy one or more layers at a time depending upon what the Holy Spirit wants to do.  It is meant for undermining the foundations upon which the enemy has built strongholds that are a part of your life.  The purpose is deliverance to set you free.   You need to come and learn how to do this.  Jesus wants you free and this warfare skill is part of the solution to get you there.

The goal is to teach Christian brothers and sisters the art of warfare and specifically self deliverance .  Self deliverance is really something we Christians should do every day.  Think of it as like brushing your teeth except you are brushing your soul.  You probably would not go a day without brushing your teeth.  Your soul gets cavities too and the enemy uses those cavities to get into your life and wreak havoc and steal the better life you are supposed to have.  You have to fill those cavities and close that door the enemy uses to gain access to your life.  You do that with self deliverance every day.

Since the enemy gets in with permissions and legal rights to torment us, it is necessary to remove those legal rights and then expel the demonic forces who have made our temple of the Lord their home.  We do this with prayer, confessions, renunciation, offering up forgiveness of others to the Lord and receipt of His forgiveness for our sins and the sins of our ancestors.   We count on the authority of the Lord Jesus Christ, using His name, and the power of the Holy Spirit to then remove the unwelcome tormentors one layer or more at a time.  Jesus wants us free.   You can learn to do this for yourself and your family.  Come and learn how.

Tuesday nites from 6 PM to 8 PM.  No food…..sorry…..water only.  Come hungry and the Holy Spirit will serve you His food. 

 Freedom Church – 25558 Friendship Road –  Daphne, AL  36526

 Come and learn the art of war and self deliverance so that you can walk free.

Get mad as hell and don’t take the enemy’s lies anymore.  Jesus wants you free!